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V4 LED Halo Fog Duct
  • V4 LED Halo Fog Duct

    Foglight delete ducts with integrated LED halo rings! These allow you gain more brake cooling or intake air, while retaining an LED fog light! Available in white LEDs, The LEDs are completely plug and play, utilising an OEM style connector.

    Sold in a set of 2, and They can be optioned with cooling pipe to complete the kit

    The cooling pipe is made of quality flexible materials that can with stand up to 260C, with the pipe diameter adapter being 63mm

    These ducts are printed in a more reflective material that our other version, to help with reflecting light on to the road as the OEM fog light is so big. Please note the routing of the duct piping is up to the user as components might be in the way


    These are Available for the following cars:

    MK8 Fiesta ST

    MK8 Fiesta ST-Line

    MK3.5 Focus










    May cause 'replace foglight bulb' warning on dash

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