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Lufi XS
  • Lufi XS

    This plug and play OBD2 gauge is the perfect all in one digital gauge for and OBD2 vehicle!!

    Easy installation.

    No wiring required.

    Good for decoration, boost gauge, audible shift indicator, temperature monitoring/warning, code scanning & clearing and acceleration timing.

    3 Display modes available:



    Head up display (Reflective film not included)

    Simply plug it into the OBD2 diagnosis port and it can display most of the vehicle parameters available from your car ECU.

    3 Display settings available can display from 3 to 6 items on each setting.

    The gauge itself is able to display the following parameters.

    However, some parameters may not be available (subject to data available on your ecu and gauge compatibility).

    Average Speed



    Engine oil temperature

    Water temperature

    Exhaust temperature

    Battery voltage


    Engine run time

    Turbo/ Intake pressure

    Engine load

    Short term fuel correction (Cylinder1)

    Long term fuel correction(Cylinder1)

    O2 Sensor voltage

    Ignition time


    Gas pedal position

    Fuel consumption

    Average fuel consumption

    Outside temperature (Only specific models)

    Accelerate (M/S

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